Age Range

Children between the ages of newborn and one year old are cared for in our Nursery.  Education in the nursery varies more than any other class because of the vastly different learning phases that occur from month to month.  

Lead Teacher

Darlene is our current newborn teacher and does an amazing job teaching to the different learning phase of each child.  Darlene is a devoted wife and has five children of her own. Darlene, like all of our teachers, takes continued education classes every year to ensure she is keeping up with new techniques for teaching.  

Assistant Teachers

Dawn works as an assistant Nursery teacher as well as other classrooms as needed.  

Daily Schedule

Newborns tend to create their own schedules for feeding and sleeping.  Once they are old enough, children in the nursery are guided into a daily eating and sleeping routine.  Bottle feedings vary from child to child.  Solid foods (under guidance of parents) are served for breakfast at 8:30 and lunch at 11:30.  The morning nap time is from 9:00 am to 11:00 am.  The afternoon nap is from 1:00 pm to 3:00 pm.  

Miss Darlene

Miss Dawn


Children in the nursery are encouraged at every phase of life. Every toy and piece of decoration in the Nursery is chosen to encourage learning and development.  


Toys- Newborns will play with toys that are brightly colored with contrasting tones to develop their eyesight.   Each toy serves many purposes.  We have toys to develop and small motor, large motor, balance, problem solving,  and to practice walking.


Music-They will hear cheerful music for brain and language development as well as to lift their spirits. 


Reading- Books are introduced at a very early age in the Nursery for many reasons.   Hearing stories read aloud helps boost vocabulary and increase language skills.  The colorful pictures help again to develop eyesight. Before they reach one year, they are able and excited to sit and listen to stories.  Being able to sit still is an invaluable skill for learning all throughout childhood. 


Craft Time- When children are old enough, our Nursery teacher will assist them in crafts.  Crafts are carefully chosen and supervised.  Crafts are often based on our monthly themes or stories that are read to the children.