Our Staff

Deciding who will take care of the children as they work is one of the most important decisions a parent will ever make.  As a parent you want to know your children will be guided with love, hugged when they are hurting, encouraged when they are struggling, and taught with patience and praise while you work. 
We are blessed here at Calvary Central Day Care to have a very special staff.  Each of our teachers have dedicated their lives to serving the Lord and it shows in how they love the children in their care.  
Aaren Esh

Aaren is our Director and one of the most hardworking people you could ever meet.  Aaren  works diligently to ensure the needs are met of all of the staff and families. 

 Without Aaren's hard work we couldn't do what we do. 

Annie Nava

Annie is the newest addition to our Calvary Central staff. Annie is a wife and mother of two.  Outside of work, Annie works tirelessly running the Wednesday 

night children's ministry at Calvary Chapel Central. She is also involved in many other ministries here such as the women's ministry and can be found behind the scenes at almost all events. 

Summertime Staff

Because we open our classrooms for vacation care during the summer, we employ extra teachers to help meet the individual needs of our older

children. This summer we welcome back Becky and Monica to meet these needs.  ‚Äč

Chantel Bernal

Chantel returns to us again as our toddler lead teacher and is amazing.  Her love and kindness for the children shines brightly.  Chantel also works with the Children's and Women's ministries at Calvary Chapel Central.

Raeanna Perez

Raeanna is the newest member of our staff here at Calvary and can typically be found afternoons in the young preschool class.  She is a recent high school graduate and is looking forward to continuing her education this fall. Raeanna is an active member of her church and we look forward to seeing her grow here at the day care.  

Alicia Rivas

We welcome back Alicia to our staff as she has worked with us previously.  Alicia works in many rooms, most often the nursery and the young preschool or toddler class. Alicia also heads the Youth Ministry at Calvary Chapel Central alongside her husband Gabe.  

Miss Britnay

Miss Britnay is a welcome addition to our staff at Calvary. Miss Britnay can be found helping in various areas here at the day care. 

Darlene Gonzales

Darlene works as our Lead Nursery Teacher.  She is very loyal and valuable.  Darlene spends many hours studying so she is knowledgeable of which milestones

should be reached by each child in her care and how to help the children reach these milestones.  Darlene is very dedicated and looks at being a teacher not as a job but a ministry.  

Dawn Ramos

Dawn has been working with us for over four years now.  She is mostly found in the nursery but also works in each of the rooms wherever she is needed.  

Dawn also works behind the scenes on the Facebook page and website.  She loves to serve the Lord wherever she can in life.

Miandra Schlaak

Miss Miandra student teaches in the morning as she is working toward her degree in education.  She spends her afternoons here with us and is typically found with the preschoolers.  

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