Our Staff

Deciding who will take care of the children as they work is one of the most important decisions a parent will ever make.  As a parent you want to know your children will be guided with love, hugged when they are hurting, encouraged when they are struggling, and taught with patience and praise while you work. 
We are blessed here at Calvary Central Day Care to have a very special staff.  Each of our teachers have dedicated their lives to serving the Lord and it shows in how they love the children in their care.  
Aaren Esh 
Raeanna Perez
Young Preschool - K5
Darlene Gonzales
Annie Nava
K3 - K5
Alicia Rivas
Young Preschool
Alyssa Cunningham 
Young Preschool
Kensleigh Richardson Toddler 
Young Preschool
Becky Pugh