Toddler Class

Age Range

Once children are walking and are one year old they are cared for in our Toddler Class.  Education in the Toddler Class has consistent routines to allow for the best learning environment for toddlers. 

Lead Teacher

Miss Chantel is our current toddler lead teacher and does an amazing job loving and teaching each child in her care.  Chantel is a devoted servant of the Lord, working with the children at Calvary Central as well as the women's ministry.    

Daily Schedule

The day begins for the toddlers with outside play (weather permitting).  Play is followed by morning snack and then story time.  We do crafts and sensory play at 9:40 with more outside play (again weather permitting) at 10:40. Lunch is served at 11:00.  Lunch is followed by quiet time with nap time scheduled from 12:00 to 3:00.  Snacks are served at 3:00 then it is time for stories and Circle Time (activities where the children practice various skills like letter and shape recognition).  4:00 is craft time followed by clean up time as children prepare to go home.